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To be honest, there are a lot of SEO Tools for your left drawer. In the past years, we witnessed these tools only fall in only 2 categories. The first category is almost everything while the second one is dedicated to online marketing. Today, we are losing critical data while accessing the irrelevant. To help ourselves fight such acute situation, we need tools to pull our business out of the ashes. It's time we realize there are times with even a cornerstone becomes invaluable. To make sure this doesn`t affect your business, you need to change your inventory from time to time. Speaking of changes, below are 5 SEO tools you need to consider.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

A crawl tool made for search engine optimizer, web developers and mangers. This tool helps to audit websites from technical view while collecting critical data. Just run this SEO Toll and I will grab the information on pages, links, 404s, heading tag, page titles and etc. Recommended for SEO expert and Web Designers. This tool is capable of running on website with more than 10,000 URLs. New users are provided a free version of this tool to test it.


If you need a quick analysis of your keyword of the page, Clicky can serve all your needs. It`s control panel is more natural than Google Analytics. This tool lets you see your traffic instantly. You can see where your traffic with track outbound visitors. Clicky also helps you viewing incoming links with accurate bounce rate of your pages. Ideal for small businesses as it is free for under 3,000-page visitors a day.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO still remains defective for deep linking data. With the recent launch of Search explorer feature. This tool helps for un-personalized search engine rankings of interpretation. When it comes to writing, the Search Explorer proves to be effective. However, this tool is better known for its access to API for integrating data as users want. Use API inside the LRT with Advanced Web Ranking to improve your statistics.

Link Prospector

While Majestic SEO remains significant for link Building idea, the Link Prospector helps you expanding them. Once you identified a particular type of link, you need to focus on. This SEO tool helps you finding helpful link pages, directories, forums and blogs. In simple words, it`s an ever ending stream of data so you need to be careful while using this tool. If you get a hold of Link Prospector, it can save your time. Though you will still need to work on excel spreadsheet but it will be worth the effort.


Thanks to its dedicated nature, nothing will serve you better for doing PR based work with social outreach. With excellent integration, this tool helps you outreaching your routine rave. Its UI have been improved recently to improve customer support experience. Nothing will serve you better for outreach than this. It helps you both for link building and Social Media. In short, it`s your ultimate assistant for tracking, managing report relations along with prospection.