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It is well said, Change is not the fear of extinction. Instead, it’s the strength to embrace something new. Change will be constant in social media marketing and the key players realize this. The problem is many managers believe that these changes are rapid and are sometimes overwhelming. Moreover, sometimes catch up these shifting trends is almost impossible. Realizing this, we look forward what beneficences this New Year will bestow us. What will be the new social media marketing 2015 trends? More importantly, are we even likely to develop these trends? Well, let`s take a look below and see for ourselves.

Rise of Niche Based Social Networks

Mainstream social networks such as Facebook are expected to face challenges from lesser known startups this year. Ello will be an ideal example of it. Ello is an ad free social media platform. It`s still in beta but, it has become the center of attention of online socialites. What affects will this new platform bring this year, we will have to wait. However, its introduction should ring bells for players like snapchat. By supporting this fact, the introduction of Foodie, Fitocracy and Kaboodle shows people care for specificity

LinkedIn Leading B2B Marketing

This social media platform is already leading the business to business networking. Fortunately, it will continue to do the same this year. According to an online survey, it has been found out that more than 85% B2B marketers already use this platform. With the introduction of a publishing platform, the permission for creating long content will be responsible for distinguishing LinkedIn among other networks. Put simple, this will not attract business users anymore.

Social Media Advertising Tightens its Seatbelt

The fact is every social media platform has stepped into the marketing front door. Following key players like Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat has started its own advertising experimentation. The Facebook`s retargeting ads will improve this year. Yes it will be combined with the Merchant`s ability for uploading customer databases to enjoy customer and similar audiences. The question is how it will affect social media marketing 2015? The simple answer is it will make advertising a bit more integral part of social networking.

More Experiments

Back in 2014, Facebook and Twitter collectively experimented on different methods for integration of commerce. The result was Twitter came with Product cards. These cards were showcase products with description, image and important details about itself. Apart from that, both these platforms also experimented on Buy call to action buttons. This button appeared in certain different posts. Such posts were intended to introduce these features to the mainstream online audiences.

Google+ Starts to lose its Grip

Google+ still has its advocates. However, they will not help this platform in Social media marketing 2015. There are healthy chances that Google+ will lose some of its users. The backstory is, Departure of Google+ Chief Evangelist Vic Gundotra this year along with massive failure of Google Authorship. It foresaw that social media will lose its moorings. Yes, it now seems like it will share the same bad fate Google saw for leveraging social media before.